New Tesco Express opens outside Southport station

31st March 2022

The doors are now open at Southport’s latest town centre Tesco store.

The superstore chain have today launched their Chapel Street express store, the third one in the town centre after a speedy refurbishment was completed in a matter of weeks.

The controversial decision to open a third site, with other outlets already on Eastbank Street and Lord Street, was met with frustration by nearby sandwich and lunch retailers.

It’s feared the low prices and convenience of Tesco Express will cause competition for the lunchtime traders on London Street, who are ‘already struggling’ after the pandemic.

One trader, who didn’t want to be named, said: “it’s going to hit us hard and we are in a bad way after the covid issue anyway.

“We lost thousands because of home working and people just are not coming back to working in the town centre.

“We can’t put our prices down to match a meal deal and we can only hope that our fresh, tastier produce is enough to keep people loyal.

“Sadly loyal customers are few and far between now and I worry they will be tempted.”