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Ashya is a young boy with stage four cancer. His parents Brett and Naghemeh are being held under arrest in Spain unable to care for Ashya or give him treatment. They have now been denied bail.

Ethan Dallas said:

I have known the King family for over a year. I’ve seen how much they love their son Ashya and only want to the best for him. His parents are being wrongly accused of neglect when they were only attempting to get better treatment for their son. Until they are released, his parents will be unable to get the treatment they desire and Ashya will be facing his illness alone.

They are not refusing any treatment, just the poor options available to them in the Southampton Hospital.

Ashya is a poorly child who will no doubt be confused and distressed at being separated by from his parents. So as a parent, Mr Cameron please see it your heart to arrange some mercy to be shown for two wonderful parents.

This petition has nothing whatsoever to do with criticising either Hampshire Police or Southampton General Hospital in the handling of this case – it is purely about reuniting the family and ensuring Ashya receives the treatment of his parents preference.

Sign the petition here:

.@David_Cameron Reunite Ashya with his parents!
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