New duel ordering at McDonalds, Kew, Southport

At a time when most of McDonald’s competitors are still shell-shocked from the recent recession, the fast-food giant is undertaking revamps at many of its sites to help customers with a quicker drive through service. They have introduced two call booths to their Kew outlet in Southport.

It’s a massive undertaking that McDonald’s and its franchisees hope, by 2015, will have the vast majority of UK McDonald’s looking comfortable enough to hang out in long after you’ve gobbled down your burger, fries — and smoothie.

For the next generation of McDonald’s customers, the notion of what a McDonald’s restaurant looks like inside and out could be turned on its head. Goodbye, fiberglass tables and industrial steel chairs. Adios, neon-yellow, bright-red interiors. Hello, wooden tables, comfortable faux leather chairs and interiors newly painted in muted oranges, yellows and even subtle greens!

The work is expected to be completed by next Thursday.