New bike for Christmas? Bring your bike, new or old, to one of our bike registering events in Southport this weekend, and have your bike registered and tagged for free! Events on the following dates at the times given.:

SATURDAY 18TH JANUARY: 12:00 Midday to 3:00PM at CO-OP, FYLDE ROAD, PR9 9XL

SUNDAY 19TH JANUARY: 12:00 Midday to 3:00PM at DUNES SPLASHWORLD, Esplanade, PR8 1RX

Another event will be arranged for AINSDALE very shortly.

There will be a maximum of 75 tags available at each event, which is over and above the amount we tagged at last year’s events. So be early to avoid disappointment. We will aim to obtain tags for anyone who misses out.