Aikido is practiced equally by both male and female and there is no upper age limit. In addition to self defence the study and practice can lead to great benefits in both mental and physical wellbeing, including relaxation, flexibility, discipline, stamina, speed, power, breath control, health and harmony.

Aikido is a classical martial art that was developed in Japan in the early 20th Century.  The techniques don’t require the use of physical strength so we learn to utilise the natural energy that exists within ourselves.  Aikido techniques involve returning the energy from the attacker to throw him or to apply an immobilisation without inflicting serious injury.

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We learn to blend with the force of the attacker and avoid direct confrontation leading to the control of the aggression. There is no such thing as a typical Aikido student and each will get their own individual benefits from the training.  Some are just looking for an easy way to stay fit and many of our students come from other martial arts backgrounds.

Others have never done a day’s exercise in their lives and didn’t have a clue what to expect but tried it and found it fascinating.  Whatever your own motivation, everyone who wishes to try Aikido will be warmly welcomed to our friendly club and the first session is free.

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We have just opened a new dojo at Happy Hippos Play Centre, Moorgate Ormskirk and practice at 7.00pm on Tuesday evenings.  Please contact Carl Hughes 07980745715 for further information.

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