Photo: Network Rail engineers attend Crescent road, 17 February 2017

Network Rail’s claims that a Birkdale level crossing isnt dangerous have been derailed by an OTS News investigation.

In January OTS News was forced to take down an article warning residents that Crescent Road level crossing was a hazard as a barrier kept sticking and wasn’t separating the road from the live rail properly, because Network Rail insisted there was no problem.

On the 15th January, resort resident Robert Hemmings told : “It was about five to nine and as I approached the crossing a train came straight across travelling from hillside towards Southport. There were no warnings and no lights flashing.

“I immediately stopped and called the emergency telephone at the crossing but Merseyrail said there had been no fault reported.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “There is no record of a fault at this level crossing at the alleged time and we have since been out to inspect it and found that everything is in full working order. We would encourage anyone who suspects there may be an issue with a level crossing to report it to us immediately so we can check it as quickly as possible. We can be reached 24 hours a day on 03457 114 141.”

However video footage shot by our reporter on (Wednesday 15 February), following yet more complaints from panicked drivers, show that there is indeed a major issue.

There have been numerous fault reports made but oblivious rail bosses have continued to deny anything is wrong.

However the video speaks for itself.

Although intermittent at first, the barrier sticking issue has become more apparent in recent weeks and is a major cause for concern, given that the site is already considered dangerous for not having enough safety measures to stop cars entering the crossing.

Without a proper working barrier, someone could be killed unless urgent repairs are carried out and today Network rail finally addressed the fault.

An engineer at the crossing this morning told our that there was a problem with the barrier and it will be fixed.

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