A Southport mum is appealing for her daughter’s favourite toy lion to be found and returned to her.

Lenny the lion was lost yesterday around 3.30 pm whilst the family walked along Ainsdale Village from Tipple Bar, across to Ball and Percival estate agents then down to the roundabout. They then walked along Liverpool Road on the same side, down to Bradshaws Lane to Ainsdale Rec.

The little girl, Iyla, has had Lenny since she was a baby and adores him, taking him everywhere she goes. She is missing him dreadfully, so if anybody can find him her mum would be over the moon. The toy is thought to have been picked up by somebody, as mum has re-traced her steps and found nothing.

Above – Iyla on a  previous trip with Lenny to see real lions at the zoo.

Iyla’s mum’s stated on Facebook:

“She was calling ‘Lenny come home’ all the way home. We only walked straight on the same side the whole way and we can’t see him. She loves him to pieces and goes to bed with him every night. Please share and help us find him. ”

Please keep an eye out to see if you can find Lenny and contact OTS News if he’s found.