MP speaks out on Sue Gray update

1st February 2022
Damien Moore Southport MP
Damien Moore, Southport MP

MP Damien Moore has released the following statement in response the Sue Gray update published yesterday.

“Yesterday, I was in the Chamber to hear the Prime Minister’s statement following Sue Gray’s update. I have already made clear my extreme disappointment regarding the Prime Minister attending the gathering on 20th May 2020, following his statement to Parliament last month.”

“The findings outlined in Sue Gray’s update are very similar to those already detailed in the press and wider media. The update stated the dates of a number of events that happened in No. 10 over a period of time, much of which had already been disclosed.”

“There were no real specific details, including people present or the reasoning behind the events, but instead rather a focus on the broader culture in No. 10 that has permeated under successive Prime Ministers.”

“I welcome the Prime Minister saying to Parliament that he is committed to upholding the recommendations contained within the update, and I support his commitment to fix the problems with No. 10’s culture, as outlined by Sue Gray.”

“Before making further comment, I will of course await the conclusions of the investigations by the Metropolitan Police, and the publication of Sue Gray’s full report, which should provide a much clearer picture over what exactly happened.”

“As I have made clear before, I do not in any way support anyone blatantly breaking the Covid rules, which were put in place to protect us all, and which most of us followed throughout the pandemic.”