MP defends ‘unauthorised’ drone use in Pier video

9th August 2023

A video by Southport MP which uses controversial drone footage has been defended by him.

Sefton Council have said they are disappointed that Damien Moore has advertised the flying of drones on Southport beach, an act which is heavily restricted and carries large financial penalties for anyone caught.

The MP’s video shows a drone flying over Southport Pier and beach, in footage they say was paid for and is not their responsibility.

Despite concerns that the promotion of the footage could encourage others and lead them to face costly fines, the MP says the video will stay up.

Mr Moore’s office have said “The drone footage was purchased directly from Adobe by the video’s creator. No drone was flown by Mr. Moore, nor anybody associated with Mr. Moore, in breach of Sefton Council regulations.”

Sefton Council say they’re more concerned about the video encouraging copycat activity.

In the interests of protecting the fauna, habitats and other special features within the Sefton Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest, Seton Council does not permit the commercial or recreational use of drones anywhere along the coast, including Southport.

“We have no evidence that the flight in this video was approved and unfortunately its public use in this way may generate more enquiries and could lead to frustration among those people who do obey the rules.

“We hope, therefore, it will be taken down as soon as possible.

“People can find details of filming in Sefton, including drone use, at”