MP Damien Moore Pledges to Tackle Slow Broadband Speeds in Southport

25th July 2017
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MP Damien Moore Pledges to Tackle Slow Broadband Speeds in Southport

Before the start of parliamentary Damien Moore met with Grant Shapps MP, Chairman of the British Infrastructure Group (BIG), to discuss and sign their most recent report: ‘Broadband 2.0’.

Broadbad 2.0 follows on from ‘Broadbad’, the inaugural BIG report published in 2016 that called for the legal separation of BT and Openreach, which was subsequently announced earlier this year.

The report takes a comprehensive look at broadband download speeds in every UK constituency, and finds that as many as 6.7 million constituents in all 650 constituencies fail to receive broadband speeds above the proposed minimum standard of 10 megabits.

In Southport, this could be as many as 7,012 constituents.

BIG therefore makes the case for a comprehensive automatic compensation scheme that allows customers to be refunded for receiving unreasonably slow broadband speeds – a measure I fully support.

In the years ahead I will be working with Grant and BIG to ensure, wherever possible, my constituents in Southport are not at a disadvantage with regards to this issue.

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