Motorists should ‘Be Prepared’ to think differently about how they drive

20th September 2017

Motorists should ‘Be Prepared’ to think differently about how they drive

A Scout Group have been helping officers carry out a speed enforcement initiative in the hope that it will make people think differently about the way they drive.

Members of the Intrepid Explorer Scout Unit, who are aged between 16 and 18, took part in the activity on the A49, Wigan Road at Euxton last night (19th September).

In total, 20 motorists were stopped and were offered an option of a fixed penalty ticket or to take questions from the youngsters about speeding and the potential consequences.

The children told the drivers that they were seven times more likely to kill a child if they hit them at 30mph than 20mph, they then asked some questions they had made up for the session including:

  • “I’m 16 years old and have just started my ‘A’ levels. My hope is to study and become a Doctor and save lives when I’m older. How would you feel if you knocked me over and killed me and prevented that opportunity for me?”


  • “I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. If you killed me because of your speeding, how would you feel about the effects that would have on my family and friends?”


  • “What would you do if you were hit by a speeder and became paralysed?”


  • “Because you’re speeding you could easily hit someone crossing the road; they could have died. How would you cope with the guilt for the rest of your life?”


  • “What could you do in future to make sure you keep to the speed limits?”

Sgt Andy Walton who organised the activity said; “Ahead of the activity today, we also held some ‘Young Driver’ sessions with the group where we discussed the issues and risks associated with being an inexperienced driver.

“The session revolved around the responsibilities associated with motoring and the fact that a driver has responsibility that extends to passengers, pedestrians, and their family at home as well as towards the vehicle they are driving.

“The Scouts embraced the session and contributed with suggestions relating to their generation and how that motoring responsibility is more than just learning to manoeuvre a car.

“The aim of the activity is twofold really – we want to educate the Scouts about road safety and the consequences of speeding but also, by involving them and getting them to engage directly with drivers, we hope will be more effective and will help the message to sink in with motorists a bit more.”

One of the Intrepid Explorer Scouts, Mel, aged 16 said; “The opportunity was insightful and the questions we asked provoked thought in the drivers. This helped them to understand their mistakes”

Nicola, the Unit Leader for the group said; “What an amazing thought provoking exercise this has been. If our Explorers have had an effect on modifying one person’s driving, it could potentially lead to saving lives. This is an initiative that should be adopted throughout the whole County”

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