More than 70 high flyers successfully complete easyJet’s first Fearless Flyer course in Liverpool as airline also celebrates helping 2,000 people nationwide become Fearless Flyers

–           2,000 people have attended Fearless Flyer course since launching two years ago

–           Milestone celebrated at easyJet’s inaugural course in Liverpool over the weekend

More than 70 people are this week celebrating overcoming their phobia of flying after attending easyJet’s first Fearless Flyer course in Liverpool over the weekend. The airline also celebrated reaching a milestone in helping more than 2,000 people nationwide to overcome their phobia of flying since its ‘Fearless Flyer’ course was launched around two years ago.

The group of 70 from the North West – some of whom had never set foot on an aircraft before – took part in the two-day course, run by phobia expert Lawrence Leyton and a senior easyJet pilot, who together explained how an aircraft works, dispelled common flying myths and taught participants a unique set of ‘mind tools’ to manage their fear.

On Sunday participants put the skills they’d learnt to the test and travelled onboard a special easyJet flight, which included a full commentary in the air from a Captain in the cabin.

Referring to the milestone, Carolyn McCall, easyJet CEO, commented:

“We’re really pleased to have helped so many people to overcome their fear of flying. easyJet is all about making travel easy and affordable for our customers.

“Many congratulations to all those who have taken our course so far! We look forward to welcoming our new Fearless Flyers on board our flights soon and are sure they will take advantage of all the exciting destinations they can now fly to fearlessly.”

Sara Bell, the 2,000th participant on the course, said:

“I am so happy, I still can’t believe I’ve just taken a flight. I have suffered with general anxiety and a fear of flying for the past seven years so even on Saturday, on the way to the ground course, I never thought I would get on the plane the next day. But the course has been amazing and the techniques I learned have been invaluable and enabled me to fly without any fear. It’s incredible. I never thought I’d be saying this but now I can’t wait for our family summer holiday in Salou. I really feel this has not only cured me of my fear of flying but will also help me with my other anxieties too. Thank you so much easyJet Fearless Flyer team, you’ve really change my life.”

Mark Wein, easyJet’s Fearless Flyer Course Director, said:

“Our course has been a phenomenal success since we first launched, with over 95% of participants taking to the skies fearlessly after attending.

“Whether you have an extreme phobia or slight apprehension, a fear of flying can be extremely limiting preventing many from visiting friends and family, travelling the world and attending business trips. We’re thrilled to have opened up a whole new world of opportunity for so many people, and we receive lots of emails from our Fearless Flyers that have since travelled as far as Australia and Argentina.”

easyJet’s Fearless Flyer course is one of the cheapest in the UK at just £189. Participants can also invite a companion with them on the flight if they wish for just £69.

Spaces on easyJet’s Fearless Flyer course are currently available across the UK at the below locations. To book a place and for further information please visit

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Fearless Flyer course at:          Ground course            Experience flight

Belfast Friday (evening) 6 March       Saturday 7 March

Newcastle (NEW LOCATION)         Saturday 14 March     Sunday 15 March

Edinburgh       Friday (evening) 20 March     Saturday 21 March

Glasgow          Saturday 18 April       Sunday 19 April

Manchester      Friday (evening) 24 April       Saturday 25 April

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