WWP July 20th 2014 update

Since Sefton Council, backed by the Tory-run Woodvale & Ainsdale Community Association (WACA) charity ensured that the original volunteer team were banned from working in the woods neglect has increased.

Last year our little team of volunteers grafted hard to ensure that new saplings of maple, ash, hawthorn, etc, were planted inside as well as outside the woodlands. Today in July 2014 however the ones inside the wood are vandalised.

ots-regan clan vandalism 1 ainsdale apology  southport ots onthespot ots

We worked very hard for many months to ensure that a nice new pathway was in place for resident walkers. Today this pathway has been neglected and the evidence is clear. Wood chip (supplied by the Council) that we wheel-barrowed into the path has not been kept up and the path has sunk.

Undoubtedly the wisdom of using soft wood chip inside damp woodland was always questionable and some wiser minds within the Council had initially called for a ‘raised’ footpath for reasons of safety etc.

ots-regan clan vandalism 4 ainsdale apology  southport ots onthespot ots

We also note that a mysterious large pile of rubble/stone has been left by the entrance of the path so is this perhaps to be spread on top of the diminished wood chip?  We had in fact asked many times for a proper hardcore path in the ‘first’ place but this request was refused, so who is responsible today?

Whatever this new rubble is about one thing is certain; the previous wood chip work was a massive waste of honest WWP volunteer labour.

ots-regan clan vandalism 2 ainsdale apology  southport ots onthespot ots
Speaking of ‘chips’, how hard can it be for some lazy individuals to take home their rubbish when visiting the community woodlands? We noted this pile was just left to rot on one of the WWP benches in the rain.

The love and devotion to the old place that the original/banned team enthusiastically injected into the work is clearly ‘not’ there today.

The original volunteer team worked almost every week (sometimes 3 times per week) for 9 months yet Cllr Ted Hartill (Project director) was habitually nowhere to be found, not even in England, preferring instead to enjoy the sun in foreign parts.

ots-regan clan vandalism 3 ainsdale apology  southport ots onthespot ots

The official complaint instigated by Cllr Haydn Preece against Cllr Hartill/WACA is ongoing and includes the following concerns…

•       The use by volunteers of mechanical equipment and insurance cover.
•       The felling of trees
•       The implementation of fires
•       Utilisation/disbursement and control of One Vision Housing Assn Funds
•       Purchasing of equipment
•       Supervision/duty of care/ during activities
•       Inclusion/community engagement policy
•       Following Charity Commission philosophy/rationale
•       Social Media Policy
•       Procedures to deal with management/grievance issues.


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