Above: Ainsdale Tories (Jones, Halsall and Hartill), committed eco-champions or hollow plastic vote-grabbers?

Ainsdale’s current Tory Councillors and their hangers on seem desperate to be seen as environmentally proactive. Most recently, their amusing efforts to be seen as Southport’s only eco-champions (over pinewood felling) have come to light.

On a local Southport News site they spouted strong words about all the wonderful things they were doing (or going to do) for Ainsdale’s countryside.  Nevertheless, this would seem to be yet another Tory damage limitation exercise to quell critics regarding their well-known sluggishness in the Ainsdale area.

Do these Tories really ‘care’ about nature and the countryside? 

Let’s look at their wonderful record so far…

Tory – led ecological destruction of nesting grounds in Woodvale… 


Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) blog site previously reported the following.

British wildlife needs protection, especially from officialised stupidity posing as the greater community good!

WWP recently highlighted the destruction of nesting grounds by the Woodvale WACA charity, when they utilised a large group of trusting RAF volunteers to flatten an area, via ripping out long established brambles.


birdMany species of birds have used this area to build nests for numerous years. It is a classic woodland habitat for the species that use it. However, Ted Hartill and a trusting group of RAF Cadet Volunteers soon flattened it, which was tough luck for the local wrens, warblers, robins, thrushes etc that needed such special wild places for survival.

clear landAbove: previously vigorous bramble – covered bird nesting ground but now barren and flattened land, devoid of nests.

Nests were being built on this land, with some being already established! 

Did WACA/HARTILL care about this? No, of course they didn’t! 

Hartill had previously bragged that he wanted to use the community project to be seen as a “Good Councillor Ted” to WWP volunteers (that he later, with council assistance) helped to BAN from the project, after they blew the whistle on his misdirection.

tedThe WWP was directed by Tory Cllr Ted Hartill and he apparently had no concern whatsoever about destroying valuable wild bird nesting grounds in his urgent rush to be seen as “Good Councillor Ted” 


Tory group leader Cllr Terry Jones has been made aware of Hartill’s activities since the initial WWP split back in 2013. Jones apparently washed his hands of the volunteer issue and backed his Tory colleague over local residents, without question. Are we that surprised?  phone

Furthermore, the serious question of surreptitious Tory tapes remains an undisclosed issue in this instance. 

More recently, transparent Council (under Margaret Carney CEO) apathy towards the plight of WWP whistle-blowers has been overshadowed by the Council’s lack of reliability and precision over accident claims.


Such matters as above pose serious questions concerning Sefton Council’s questionable attitude toward their responsibilities in several areas.

Should Southport residents not be able to basically trust the officials who are ‘supposed’ to be running their local council offices properly?

And with regards to Ainsdale’s Tory threesome – have you fallen for their politically – biased spin yet?


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