By Rebecca O’Callaghan

Fun & Frolics Galore!

Monty Python was the original 1960’s alternative comedy and decades later Spamalot proves that the British sense of humour is alive and well.


Arriving at the performance we were told Joe Pasquale was “indisposed” and understudy Jamie Tyler would play the role of king Arthur.

However he did not fail to disappoint!


I was surprised to hear the show has been running for 10 years on the world’s biggest stages, but it is defiantly not stale!

There are modern references throughout and the musical is brought bang up to date with sir Lancelot portrayed as gay!


Plenty of audience participation, singing and waving along even dragging a member out the crowd!


Was a little disappointed in the set design did have a school play feel to it, although maybe a performance about knights of the round table did not warrant glitz and glam!


A highlight of the show however was a visit from god! (A video link of Michael Palin) who sends a request to find the Holy Grail.


The on stage visual gags and comic timing between King Arthur and sidekick Patsy are brilliant and definitely are the stars of the show.


Whether you have or haven’t seen the Holy Grail Film or any Monty Python material this show is certainly worth a watch.

Its most memorable song best known at funerals says “Always look on the bright side of life” leaves you with the feel good factor!


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