Mobility, freedom and right to travel in Soutport!

Having moved from the top floor of a Southport Care home, to a ground floor room of a larger care home,  local resident, Rita had new found freedom when using her mobility chair to get out and about to the nearby park and lord street shops.

Rita is a 76 year old lady who has recently suffered from a stroke, according to her son she is in recovery with anything possible in the future.

Rita’s enjoyment is curtailed by difficult to negotiate curbs while crossing roads to get to the other side of the pavement; even after having to upgrade her wheel chair which would not get up even the smallest of pavement curb ramps.

One particularly awkward and high ramp is on the corner of Park Road West/Albert Road near the Hesketh Centre.

Rita has been jolted nearly out of her chair when it came to an abrupt halt today upon hitting the supposed wheel chair friendly curb crossing, this has been worse on other occasions leaving her with a fear of that junction, the only way for her to cross safely has been to go a long way round.

This affects all our elderly in the borough, and especially our wheel chair bound residents in Southport, with most of the pavements needing some form of repair to allow a safe and smooth passage. This is important, human beings need to be free to move around and exercise their natural rights to travel freely and unhindered in the places and communities where they live.    The right to travel freely is just the beginning of a list of issues affecting our vulnerable population, especially those who have no one to speak up for them.

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Nick who is the son of Rita said: Since my mum has been in the institutionalised care system, this is not the only issue I have come across.

Very briefly the headings are: Food.   Accommodation. Personal care, physical and psychological.

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