Merkur Slots Responsible Gambling Features

1st August 2023

When it comes to the world of online casinos, these have exploded in popularity immensely over previous years, partially thanks to the major shift towards the online space the industry has seen. As a result of this, playing casino games is now more accessible than ever before, with most online casinos now accommodating mobile play thanks to the advancements in technology the industry has seen. 

However due to this, it is essential to incorporate responsible gambling practices in order to ensure that online gaming remains safe for you. In order to understand how gambling can remain responsible, we will be dissecting what different tools and technologies are available that could potentially be utilised.

What is Responsible Gambling?

In the most simplest of terms, responsible gambling refers to a collection of practices to ensure that your overall gambling experience is both safe and fair. Responsible gambling promotes the positive behaviours bettors should take in order to make sure those involved in gambling don’t get carried away.  

What Responsible Gambling Tools Does MERKUR SLOTS offer?

One online casino which prioritises responsible gambling for its users is MERKUR SLOTS. This site especially has implemented a whole host of features and tools you could potentially implement in order to make sure that your overall gambling experiences remain responsible. In order to understand what they do differently from other casinos, we will be dissecting each and every one of the features they have available during gameplay.

Deposit Limits

One of the main measures bettors can take in order to make sure things don’t become irresponsible is by implementing the deposit limits for your betting account. Put simply, these help players by controlling their overall spending, ensuring they do not deposit more than their already defined budget. This is arguably one of the most effective methods which promotes responsible gambling as it ensures that the set deposit amount is not exceeded by the player. Should bettors attempt to deposit more after reaching this threshold, they will not actually be able to deposit any more funds to their account. However, you may be thinking that these can be easily adjusted. Realistically, they can be altered through your respective account settings, but once finalised, these actually take a period of time to actually come into practice, meaning you can’t just change them at an instant.

Loss Limits

Working similarly to the aforementioned deposit limits, loss limits are yet another responsible gambling tool you could apply to your gambling experience. Instead of limiting deposits, this actually limits bettors to the amount of funds they can lose. Should you meet your set loss threshold, you will simply not be able to stake any more until the time period you set is complete. This tool is especially useful when it comes to slot games as it allows players to be mindful of how much they are staking, all whilst preventing loses being chased.

Time Limits

Like with the two previous tools we have mentioned, time limits are yet another effective tool which allows players to set specific time allowances for playing at an online casino. Once again, these can correlate to either, daily, weekly, or monthly periods, and once these set amounts have been reached by a player, they will no longer be able to play until the period resets. All 3 of the methods we have already mentioned can be accessed via the account settings, in which you could choose the parameters for you.

Play Reminders

Another responsible gambling tool which could be of great use to you is play reminders. As their name denotes, these are pop-ups which remind players and individuals how long they have actually been playing for. If this time becomes substantial, it can even remind players to take breaks in order to make sure bettors are mindful of their gameplay. Although playing slot games and other casino games can be a pass time for many, the time in which you play these games can easily be forgotten. Therefore, by integrating play reminders, it is a nice indication of the time you’re actually playing these games.


Another more niche responsible gambling control which many players may be aware of is the self exclusion tools. This can actually allow users to exclude themselves from betting websites for specific periods if they feel like the other measures aren’t doing an applicable job for them. This tool is especially effective should users want to take a complete break away from gambling as a whole in order to avoid the potential risks gambling comes hand in hand with. This is an essential tool for those who may feel like or have identified a problem in terms of their gambling habits.


Regardless if you are a frequent or an occasional gambler, implementing responsible gambling tools and practices should be an essential component of your experience. Promoting a healthy and safe gambling experience should always be a priority, and as we have previously touched upon, there are a whole number of potential measures that you could take in order to ensure this. Whether it’s either limiting your losses, playing time or deposits, or even excluding yourself temporarily from a platform all together, it makes sure that you can still experience the potentially enjoyable gameplay casino games have to offer, all whilst being mindful of the financial aspect at hand. 

We must reiterate that due to gambling and online casinos as a whole involving real money gameplay, the overall risk associated with it is also real. Players should only ever play with funds they can afford and are generally willing  to potentially lose, as profit and wins are never guaranteed when playing any casino game. If you notice any arising problems with your gambling habits, we urge you to employ one of the many tools available in order to negate any real damage that could follow.