McDonald’s Ocean Plaza closes for major refurbishment

22nd June 2017

Junk food lovers will have to look elsewhere for the next month as the Ocean Plaza McDonalds in Southport gets a refurbishment. Contractors are busy taking out all the old fittings ready for the new ones to be installed.

Mcdonald’s Ocean Plaza will reopen on the 19th July with the addition of a number of new digital features, including the option for customers to have their food delivered direct to their table. One of the new additions available when the restaurant reopens will be state-of-the-art, self-order kiosks.

These will give customers the option of browsing the entire menu and checking out nutritional information of each meal at the same time. Once a customer has completed an order, they will be able to pay by card or contactless and then go straight to a designated area of the counter to pick up their order or take a seat for table service.

Free to use tablets will be installed at some tables for those who want to check their newsfeed, emails or play the latest games. The restaurant redesign will also include new decor.