Residents trying to keep their driveways clear of wayward parkers are facing a nasty shock in the pocket. For the price of H-markings on the roads outside their houses has been hiked recently from £33.00 to £144.00. The reason is that the work has been ‘re-tendered’.

Norwood Ward Lib Dem Councillor Marianne Welsh discovered the 400 per cent ‘hike’ in price when she was trying to help a Sussex Road resident whose driveway was being blocked on a regular basis.
She says:
“While I can see that £33.00 may have been rather on the cheap side, I am staggered that no contractor was prepared to do this work for less than £140.00. That is quite a price to have to pay for keeping your driveway clear, and even then, some people unfortunately ignore the markings.”
Southport Lib Dem Councillor Tony Dawson is also concerned about this issue. He says: “Liverpool City Council are currently doing the same job for £78.00. I am surprised that the contractors working in Liverpool were not interested in providing the same service at a similar price in our area.”
Sefton Council say that the price they are charging now is the cheapest that was submitted when the work was re-tendered recently.