Man takes daily exercise along the M58

11th May 2020

A spokesperson for Lancs Road Police on Twitter quoted:

It’s been a busy set of shifts for us but one surreal incident this week has been this chap. He had been taking his daily exercise in Lane 1 of the M58 causing 2 cars to crash around him and somehow avoided being wiped out himself.

He moved out in to Lane 1 causing a car in Lane 1 to swerve to Lane 2 in to the path of a van. The van couldn’t move to lane 3 as another vehicle was there, so had to swerve to the left and went in between the cyclist and the car, colliding with the car in the process.

After being escorted off at junction 5 and directed away from the motorway towards Grimshaw Road, he crossed over, took the wrong turn and rejoined the motorway AGAIN and had to be escorted off a 2nd time.