Man Gang hunt girls in Morrison’s Car Park

18th July 2018

Man Gang hunt girls in Morrison’s Car Park

Police are investigating after three men allegedly targeted and tracked a group of young girls in Southport town centre on Tuesday night.

A warning has been circulated after two young girls were followed by three men from Morrison’s to Dunes just after 9pm (17 July 2018).

Lucky a cashier at Morrison’s petrol station intervened and kept a watchful eye on the men.

The warning says “It sounds like it was planned as girls saw a what looked like a homeless man wave at 2 other men. 1 well dressed 1 rough looking.
One of the girls told her friend to walk fast they got to Morrison’s and thought they had gone only to come out of the glass walk bit outside Morrison’s to see them hanging around waiting for them. Girls ran across car park nearly getting hit by car and went in to garage shop.

The cashier was watching and as soon as he left one girl went and told the lady in the garage.

They are very upset but ok.

Please even if you can’t be bothered drop and pick your kids up and never take their phones of them.

You never know when they might need them.