Live Birds have their wings ripped clean off in calculated, malicious attack at Mawdsley Bird Sanctuary

In the early hours of Thursday morning (30/10/14), volunteers at Mawdsley Bird Rescue sanctuary, Lancashire, were greeted with what can only be described as a slaughter site.

Trails of feathers paved the way to the birds enclosure, leading to a gruesome discovery of 2 very cleanly snapped Goose wings. These feathers and wings belonged to “Grey”; this years fully grown baby goose, who up until recently lived happily here at the sanctuary alongside her two mothers and sister, this was until 1 mother and 1 sister disappeared within the last month.

ots-southport-wingsots-southport-wingVolunteers continued to search the entire site, but the body of “Grey” the baby goose was not found. Staff at the site believe this to be another targeted attack, possibly in retaliation to the there more recent posts on their Facebook site, where they stated they would not be intimidated off the land the sanctuary currently occupies.

It is an absolute disgrace and extremely worrying that such sick individuals capable of snapping a defenceless birds wings clean off, most probably whilst still alive, are walking amongst us in Lancashire and Merseyside, These actions are most certainly those of a skilled and sick killer. This has been confirmed by Hillcrest Vets, whom carried out earlier post mortems on the birds that were killed in last years attacks. Each time the pattern is the same; the kills are as barbaric and clinical leading most to believe the killers are indeed the same.

ots-southport-mawdsley-birds goodOn the 17th of September 2014, the Bird Rescue Sanctuary won a battle to regain their access to their land, via a 20 year old ‘right of way’ track, adjoining to Broom Mere Farm. Each day since this rightful ruling in favour of he sanctuary was made, innocent birds have been slaughtered.

Birds that were taken to this place of safety for rehabilitation and sanctuary have been brutally murdered. On the actual day the court reinstated the sanctuary with its right of access; 17/09/14, the sanctuary was home to 150 birds. However, due to brutal routine attacks, the sanctuary is now home to only 25 surviving birds.

This isn’t random animal attack by foxes, mink or any other natural predator, these birds have their necks broken, wings snapped off and/or simply disappear altogether. The police have been involved since July 2013, and reportedly have suspicions as to the identity of these vile culprits, however due to lack of anyone being caught in the act, and the sanctuary’s inability to afford CCTV to cover the area, no arrests have been made.

Volunteers have been sleeping in make shifts tents when the weather has allowed it, however feel they are being constantly watched as no sooner do they leave for supply’s etc., they are attacked again. I have personally visited this site and purchased 4 ducks last August. This was then a home to many geese, ducks and hens that lived happily in huge free-range enclosures with access to a manmade lake, in addition volunteers had added an incubation lodge, to give the best possible chances of life to hatchlings of all breeds. These birds came to the sanctuary looking for a safe home, were once ill, treated, survived, then murdered.ots0southport-happy birdsPlease can all Residents, ramblers and members of the public keep an eye out on the track from Brook Mere Farm and Jigsaw off Hall. Lane, Mawdsley, and report any sightings or information to the police and the Bird Rescue Lancashire Facebook site. These killings must stop and the perpetrators be brought to justice. Individuals with such a sick mentality should not be allowed to walk our streets and live within our community’s. RIP those poor defenceless rescue birds.

Those with any suggestions or ideas to help this situation, or those wishing to volunteer to help supervise the site or donate insulation materials and / or a temporary structure, to allow volunteers to continue to stay over night on site as the weather draws in, should contact Lewis on 07581 496435 or the Bird Rescue Lancashire facebook.

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