Look-a-like Festival hits a sour note as fans brand it ‘a disgrace’

25th July 2023

A festival that took place in Southport this weekend has been branded a disgrace by those who attended.

Heavy rainfall left major parts of Victoria Park waterlogged on Sunday but organisers of the Look-a-like festival decided to press ahead with the event.

Dozens of people have since launched official complaints to the organisers, who they say were wrong to try and keep the event going.

The festival organiser said its operations team worked hard to open the site safely but were forced to close one of the stages on Sunday evening.

Despite this the rest of the festival grounds remained open.

One fan wrote to OTS News to say “Southport look a like festival was absolutely disgusting.

“It should have been cancelled.

“Half the area was closed off and they were still trying to keep it open.

“I saw lots leaving with upset kids.”