Local Tory MP questioned about wasting taxpayer money

9th September 2019

If Boris Johnson persuades Parliament to support an early election today, the government’s costly No Deal marketing campaign will be shelved — costing taxpayers millions of pounds. Southport MP Damien Moore, who is working on No Deal plans, is facing questions about the potential waste.

“Damien isn’t being upfront with Southport residents,” says his predecessor, Dr John Pugh.

“This publicity exercise has the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster. Yet just a week after starting, it could be stopped. Think how many police officers we could afford in Southport with £138 million of our money?”

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The government expects food and medicine shortages in the days after No Deal Brexit. Mr Moore has said he wants a deal, but on Saturday the former Home Secretary Amber Rudd quit the Conservative Party claiming that Mr Johnson wants Britain to crash out the EU on 31st October.

“Our town is especially vulnerable to No Deal,” Dr Pugh continued. “Residents want to know what’ll happen to their businesses, their medicine — even their food.

“Given how involved Damien is in the government’s plans, I think it would be right for him to explain to people why so much taxpayer money is being wasted so casually.”