Local police arrest thief in Ainsdale

18th March 2018

Local police arrest thief in Ainsdale

On the 15 March at around 3.30pm officers from Southport Community Police Team responded to a report of a male acting suspiciously in the area of Stourton Road, Ainsdale.

Information was provided by a concerned resident, of the male trying to enter parked unattended vehicles and residential properties, by trying door handles.

Upon arrival of officers, a 32 year old male from Sefton was detained nearby.

Officers searched the male, who was found to be in possession of items stolen from a vehicle parked nearby and subsequently arrested.

The Suspect was also wanted on Warrant and two further matters being investigated by Lancashire Police.

He was taken to a local custody suite, where he was interviewed and later released from custody ‘Under Investigation’ for further enquiries to be made.

This remains an on-going investigation.