As the government role out the so called ‘Green Deal’ house holders should consider what this deal really means.

Every household in the country paying a fuel bill are already paying for the Green Deal!

The Green Deal I feel just does not add up. The downfall to this system is that only large companies will be operating this system, and you will be paying interest between 6% and 9%

A price charged by a national heating company 22 KW Combi to Combi swap in a two bed roomed bungalow £2,800 with a so called £400 discount and £270 Green Deal discount £2,530

Real Cost £2,530 (No filter fitted)

A price charged by a gas registered engineer using a 28 KW boiler and including a filter and offering a five year guarantee (using a boiler that is the winner of Which Guide best boiler award)

Real cost £1,445 a saving of £1,085 by using a gas registered installer.

The government is going to have yet another complete failure on their hands.  Small firms offer local jobs and value for money. But the government has no interest in small firms and businesses, and will not be happy until we are all on the dole or working for some supermarket chain for a bowl of rice!   K Redmond

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