Are W.L.MG.O.C off their Rockers?

Report by Steve Kirton on behalf of W.L.MG.O.C

Our September monthly meeting at West Lancs MG Owners club brought a smile to the members faces as it is our annual “Rocker Box Derby” this is were members make a buggy out of a discarded rocker box cover from a MG (and any other bits and pieces that the children/grandchildren have left lying around) but with strict rule enforcement.


On the night 13 MG’s turned out with a few members also turning up in there everyday cars.



No engines or propulsion system (gravity only).
No moving weights.
Wheels can be attached to the car in any manner, but must not extend beyond the front of the flange at the front of the Rocker cover.
Nothing else can extend beyond the front of the flange at the front of the Rocker cover.
Cars are to be based on an actual MG Rocker Cover.
Cars must have four wheels, each no more than 6″ in diameter.
Wheels must have a non-metallic surface contacting the track.
Critical Dimensions:
45 cm maximum length (18” approx)
30cm maximum car width (12” approx)
25.5cm maximum overall car height (10” approx)
4.6kg maximum weight by the official scales (10lb approx).
So as you can see although it’s a bit of fun there are strict rules and regulations to be adhered to.
All the rocker box buggies start at the top of the ramp and are released by hand with no pushing so as to let gravity take over and free wheel as far as they can they have two runs with the longest distance recorded and the one that reaches the furthest distance is the winner.


The overall winner was Jerry with a distance of 27 feet and 3 inches.

cars-ots-southport-6Pictured here Jerry Myers with his winning rocker box.

Also the club members would like to welcome back Cam Cunningham who has firmly reinstated himself back as club secretary after his recent major surgery and also thank Eric Hesketh who supplied the ramp for our rocker box mayhem with also many  thanks going out to Briars Hall for the use of there room and hospitality for our Rocker Box Derby.

Report by Steve Kirton on behalf of W.L.MG.O.C



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