Local GP surgery threatens patient after online comment

A Southport man has been warned that he will be ‘struck off’ from his local GP surgery after allegedly posting ‘derogatory comments’ about their staff.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was baffled when he received a letter from his doctor’s surgery in Church Road Banks, after they discovered what they have called ‘derogatory’ comments posted on a Facebook thread.

They have since warned him that any further comments will see him kicked out of the practice.

Undeterred by this, the warning letter’s contents were shared on Facebook, branding staff ‘idiots’ and accused them of wasting tax payer’s money by launching the complaint.

He argued “I wonder if they’ll send a letter to all those people giving the NHS s**t about the response time to COVID?

“Not only is our lovely medical centre run by idiots it’s also ran by people who think wasting tax payer’s money is acceptable over a comment on a Facebook thread!

“It’s taking the p**s.”

In the letter Drs Biswas and Bonsor, practice partners at North Meols Medical Centre, said “we were sad to see that you thought it appropriate to write derogatory comments about our staff on a social media page in the middle of the pandemic.”

The letter went on to warn that any more comments would see him struck off from the practice list and without a GP.

However plenty of people took the opportunity to criticise the surgery online.

If they have time to send letters out and read social media they then must have time to actually see patients ” said one local resident.

Another said: “This really is a waste of NHS time and resources!”

“It seems if you say anything against them you are penalised but they can get away with frequently providing terrible service to patients.”

However, some defended the surgery with one poster saying: “Well I must be honest I have more reasons to praise the medical centre and all the staff for all the help and care I have been given.”

It’s not known how the practice will respond to these latest comments.

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