Local Conservatives disappointed by the state of Marine Drive.

The relaxation of lockdown rules has seen a huge increase in the number of day-trippers and patrons to the newly reopened fast-food chains and the latest result is one which serves to highlight a less positive side to the changing restrictions.

The reopening of fast food establishments in Southport has lead to a large amount of litter being scattered along the front of Marine Drive and a number of local activists are less than impressed by the council’s preparedness for what they believe is a predictable situation.

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It appears that, as numbers of visitors have quickly increased bin collections have become overwhelmed by the new level of demand. Councillor Mike Morris and Conservative activist Lee Durkin are eager to see the council act quickly before the issue gets any worse

Cambridge Ward Councillor Mike Morris had this to say:

‘It’s disappointing to see basic Council services ill equipped to deal with the demand which the summer period brings every year and the relaxing of lockdown rules has only served to emphasise this fact.

‘Whether it’s more bins or more regular collections something needs to be done to address this problem because as the summer goes on and rules regarding the pandemic are reduced further the situation is currently set to get worse.

‘I will be asking the council to ensure this doesn’t turn into yet another example of Southport’s basic needs being neglected by our Labour dominated Council.’

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