Local company aims to make huge community impact for Dementia patients

10th February 2020

Radwraps based in Southport have completed a project for East of England Ambulance association and Southend Hospital to create Dementia friendly ambulances. Hopefully something which will be introduced in the North West soon.

The ambulances have had internal imagery placed on windows, music will be played, image hand-outs and Twiddlemuffs given to each patient..

Fantastic images of the local surrounding area have been used and these ambulances are already creating a better environment and reducing stress levels for the patient on their journey.

Radwraps released the Antibaterial magnetic radiator covers last year which have been greatly received so far, giving important information and now offering a revenue creation from selling advertising space on their covers.

The Post-Ease product is new to launch for Radwraps but offers the user a new unique and sustainable way to display imagery.. No Blu tac or tapes needed, no lamination of sheets, no residue or grease left and can be AntiBacterial coated.. 

Radwraps have added a number of products onto their innovative materials list, the non residue adhesive Post-Ease product makes a great offering in NHS and healthcare settings, saves time with no lamination and offers a sustainable recyclable option rather than the alternative.

“It’s fantastic to be involved with such a great project, to know that we are helping Dementia patients and families is very rewarding.. Patient journeys can be a real unpleasant necessity, loud noises and white spaces can all be very emotive and effect the patients well being, by creating these ambulances patients can now get better, quicker treatment and be out of hospital earlier than usual”.