LibDem candidate John Wright is predicted to win the forthcoming election, according to the respected Electoral Calculus website. 

It shows Mr Wright taking the seat from Conservative Damien Moore and pushing Labour into third place. 

“People in Southport want something better than the pessimistic politics of Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson,” Mr Wright said. 

“I want to focus on the real challenges facing our country — public services, climate change, our economy.” 

Dr John Pugh, who stood down as Southport’s LibDem MP in 2017, commented: “Sadly, the only thing that my Conservative successor seems to have done for our town is making it more vulnerable to No Deal Brexit. 

“And although we’re working with Labour to stop this catastrophe from happening, Jeremy Corbyn is still a worrying figure for many here.” 

The LibDem resurgence in Southport mirrors their successes nationally. Yet John Wright cautioned that these polls are only predictions. 

“A better alternative to Labour and the Conservatives is only possible if people vote for it.”