Southport’s Liberal Democrat candidate for the general election, John Wright, has welcomed the news that the Green Party in Southport has agreed to stand aside in the seat and will urge their supporters to vote for him in the forthcoming election.
“I welcome the news about the ‘Unite to Remain’ initiative, and I’m particularly grateful to Laurence Rankin and Southport Greens for taking this difficult decision”.
“I have told Laurence that if I manage to unseat our Hard Brexit MP, it will be a shared victory”.
“We are both part of a national initiative to maximise the number of MPs in the next parliament who back giving the British people the final say on Brexit, now that we know what’s in the deal”.
“We are also agreed that, while the Unite to Remain campaign is about securing a People’s Vote, it’s about other things too”.
“We share the urgent goal of taking immediate and wide-ranging action to tackle the climate emergency”.
“And we are also agreed that we must secure changes to the voting system so that there is no need ever again for tactical voting, or for candidates to form alliances, or to stand down”.
Mr Wright said he hoped it was now clear that voters in Southport who were opposed to Boris Johnson’s Brexit had only one candidate to vote for at the election, and that was him.