Lib Dem national President, Tim Farron MP has slammed supermarket giant Tesco today after the company falsely claimed that British lamb is ‘not in season’ at the moment.

In their originl reply to customer complaints regarding the lack of British lamb on their shelves, TESCO have been saying:

“Dear XXX,

Thanks for your reply.

I am sorry you are unhappy with my colleague XXX reply. I am sure it was not his intention to cause you any further annoyance.

As Lamb is not in season at the moment in the UK, we have to source our supply from elsewhere. We do this to avoid disappointment to our customers, as the demand is so great. However, I would like to reassure you that your concerns have been fully logged on our Central Logging Systems for our Head Office.

Thank you once again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards

Jennifer Baldwin Tesco Customer Service”

Tesco have now apologised, saying that
“We are sorry for the incorrect statement concerning in season lamb. We’re proud to support British farmers and we currently offer our customers 100% British lamb on our counters and in our Finest range.”
But many people still cannot buy British lamb unless they buy the premium ‘Finest’ product or do not buy the pre-packaged products.  To buy British you must go to the store and buy from the meat counter. “
Tim Farron MP has written to the CEO of Tesco Plc, Philip Clarke, and asked him to look again at this ‘bizarre’ decision by the companies’ buyers.  The Lib Dem President is asking for the company to live up to it’s pledge that ‘Every Little Helps’ and stock more UK meat. British lamb is currently right in the middle of season, with autumn lamb available from the summer right until December. Autumn lamb has had more time to graze and grow, thus developing stronger flavours that can take more adventurous cooking.
Tim Farron MP says:
“Local farmers raised this issue with me and said they couldn’t believe that a major supermarket is saying British lamb is not in season! They were looking out of their windows to fields full of sheep.  I have asked the supermarket to look into this and to back British farmers.  Our produce is world renowned and our supermarkets should back our farmers and back British lamb.  I hope they act on this as soon as possible.”

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