Cliff Easter from The Leicester hotel has written into OTS News about refuse collection in Southport heres what he had to say:  

“Sefton mbc cleaning workers refuse to take away my full refuse bin today because it was not left on the pavement !

Who are these jokers ?

The Leicester hotel, 24 Leicester street southport PR9 0EZ now has to wait 14 more days for the idiots from Sefton mbc to come and collect it’s refuse !!!!

We need another refuse bin to cater for the refuse in the next 14 days because the joke bin men refuse to take our refuse as the bin was not left on the pavement causing an obstruction to people walking on the pavement !

I vote Southport to West Lancashire, Sefton mbc are idiots.

I refuse to pay my council tax because they refuse to take my refuse !”


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