An anonymous reader has written into OTS about the parking conditions in the car park at Central12 more specifically the parent bays being used by people with no children. Here is what they had to say:  

“Quite a few times I have visited the Central 12 complex and seen people parking in the bays with no children. As recent as yesterday I asked a lady who had parked in one of the bays be ASDA if she was aware it was a mother and child bay …. she told me to f* off n called me a silly B*tch… The other lady who was with her said ‘she is my daughter ‘ the two females looked to be about 40 and 60 ish.

The bays are bigger and to be used by parents who have to use equipment such as prams etc and so we can open our doors wide enough to safely secure our children into our seats. Thy are not meant to be used for people who want to park closer to outfit! The spaces in central 12 car park are so tight that when it is busy if there are no child bays available many people have to leave the complex as there is no guarantee no one will park next to you and then you can’t get your baby on the base in the car as you can’t open your door wide enough.

I think some information should be put out there to encourage people who don’t need the child bays to park elsewhere and not be so selfish. I don’t appreciate being sworn at because she parked where she shouldn’t ….. If you parked in a disabled bay and where not disabled you would get a ticket … so common sense should tell people not to park in a bay that’s meant for babies if they don’t have one.”


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