Letter to the editor: Ainsdale Woodland Allotments

27th April 2016

Letter to the editor: Merseyside Forest regarding proposals to use areas of Sefton as so-called Woodland allotments

From the Countryside Awareness Group

26 April 2016

Dear sir/madam

We are aware that a controversial initiative for felling trees for firewood (Woodland Allotments) is being tabled for many areas within Sefton.


As a group that was formed to raise awareness about loss of our UK countryside and wildlife habitat we must tell you that we have very serious reservations about this new plan. What assurances can you give local residents of areas ear-marked for this controversial tree-felling plan, that the Woodland Allotments would be properly policed and if so by whom?

Have local residents been asked if they wish to have chain saws cutting down trees, right next to their properties?

Many attractive wooded areas are in places that are enjoyed as walks by residents with dogs and played in by children. This fact alone would suggest that your proposals may be fraught with dangers and largely an insurance nightmare for Sefton Council waiting to happen.

Also, many of the trees that are marked for alleged ‘thinning’ are willow and popular, species which form timber that are not regarded as good for burning as they tend to spit when burned. Groups of people running around our peaceful woodlands with power saws are not beneficial to close human communities and terrified wildlife.

Moreover, Sefton Council has ‘already’ proven that it cannot be trusted with any woodland initiatives and the needs of local volunteers. Kindly see this link for details.  http://woodvalewp.blogspot.co.uk/

Furthermore, some of the woodlands in question hold mature trees that are home to wild birds, bats and other legally-protected creatures. Is nature being dismissed with this dubious plan in favour of a bit of free firewood?

We believe that communities need more trees planting and not destroying.  As for involving the local community – we DO NOT need to chop the woodlands down just to get the community involved in lovely areas that are already being enjoyed.

Countryside Awareness Group


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