Letter to OTS from a Morrisons customer

12th February 2024


‘Dear OTS
I would like to share with readers the disgraceful mess and lack of concern at Morrisons Southport today.
They have signs on the trolley bays telling how they keep their trolleys clean.
Today there were no smaller trolleys close to the shop for customers, elderly or disabled customers were relying on other shoppers to help them to find one. 
There was a basket thrown inside a trolley with rubbish in and metal barriers which had fallen down in the road which was a safety hazard for cars and pedestrians.  Rubbish was covering the floor underneath the trolleys next to the trolley bay. Yes it was windy and the rubbish will have collected, but it would have taken just a few minutes for somebody to sweep tidy and make it look clean for customers. All this was directly outside the front doors and unmissable. 
Inside when raining , they usually have buckets around the floor collecting rainwater, which drips through the roof and the freezers usually have water on the floor leaking. Although today I did not notice that. Why is all this allowed by whoever is responsible for the smooth running of the store? I can understand if the manager is asking the owners for the roof to be fixed and it falling on deaf ears, but today’s mess should have been noticed and dealt with. There are quite a few ‘grot spots’ around Southport and this store and car park is becoming one of them. 
I appeal to Morrison’s management to tidy up their store inside and out. How it passes health & safety standards and food hygiene regulations is beyond me! ‘