Email sent to OTS regarding recent bangs coming from the rear of the Prince Of Wales Hotel.

 Subject: Prince of Wales hotel Southport

Chief executive Britannia hotels,
This evening at approx 5.45 there was a very loud bang that came from your hotel.This also happened twice on Sunday 15 June,when there were two very loud bangs causing myself and neighbours to rush outside, where we could smell an unpleasant aroma similar to gas.  This was reported to one of your employees at the time and can not understand this happening again.
I am the proprietor of The Barber’s Parlour adjacent to the rear of your building and you could feel vibrations in my property on each occasion. I trust you have instructed your maintenance staff to find the reason for the bangs and would be grateful if you could let me know the outcome.Steve Flynn

The Barber’s Parlour
58 King St