Liberal Democrat Euro-MP Chris Davies has called for all drugs to be licensed and legalised following the report by the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Davies claims that drug related harm and crime would reduce if drug supply was taken out of the hands of criminal supply chains.

MPs are calling for a Royal Commission to investigate all possible ways forward, including legalisation. They praise Portugal which has decriminalised the possession of small amounts of most drugs and now treats drug addiction principally as a health problem.

Mr Davies said, “The NHS helps people who want to give up smoking but for people who want to give up heroin we too often prioritise prison.”

“Criminal drug barons profit from prohibition and have a financial interest in getting people addicted. put the supply of drugs in the hands of the state and you can start to introduce effective control.”

“The so-called war on drugs has utterly failed. Licensing and legalisation is the way to reduce crime and promote harm reduction.”

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