Largest Gathering of CQC Inspectors at a Sefton Care Conference! – North and South Sefton Care Home Group – CQC Compliance Workshop 25th March 2020

19th February 2020

A Sefton Care Conference first! A CQC workshop attended by 5 CQC Inspectors and 1  Inspection Manager is to be held in Sefton. The North and South Sefton Care Home Group is delighted to announce a very different conference. On Wed 25th March at Crosby Lakeside The Care Quality Commission will bring 5 Inspectors and 1 Inspection Manager to take part in a care home compliance workshop. Led by CQC Inspection Manager Phil Bartley he announced, ‘CQC is delighted to be invited to this North and South Sefton Care Home Group event. CQC is always open to innovative approaches to engage with care homes and their managers. CQC will aim to place an inspector with each workshop group of care home managers allowing for mutual discussion. We thank the NSSCHG for inviting us to this event and look forward to meeting the care home managers on the 25th March.

Jonathan Cunningham chair and founder of the NSSCHG said, ‘This event will focus on the main areas of non-compliance across Sefton Care Homes. The conference will be broken into workshop groups who will be asked to review and consider an area of compliance challenge. Each group will have a CQC inspector to contribute to the discussions and debate. This is a first for CQC within Sefton and a fabulous first for the North and South Sefton Care Home Group. We must thank Phil Bartley and his inspectors for taking this time out of their busy schedule’.

The second part of the event will feature the newly launched N&S Sefton Care Managers’ Network supported by Skills for Care with key speakers from Sefton Council, NHS and other care organisations etc. Jon Kerr Locality Manager Skills for Care said, ‘This is a must attend event for all those care homes serious about continual improvement and innovation’. We are delighted that NSSCHG has re-established this care managers network for both North and South Sefton care managers. There is so much resources available to care manager they just have to get involved and ask. We are looking to work with Jonathan and the rest of the Sefton Care Managers.’

The event is now approaching venue full capacity of 80. A reserve list has been opened for care homes still wishing to attend. To register click the link below and see you on the 25thMarch.