Land Rover lost to tide during Southport Lifeboat rescue

3rd June 2022
Photo from Southport Offshore Rescue Trust

Southport Lifeboat have confirmed that a vehicle lost to the tide in the process of an attempted rescue last night.

Crews were called to assist in the search for a despondent male yesterday evening. While the male was located elsewhere, crews discovered a Land Rover on Southport Beach, which later “succumbed to the tide”.

A statement from the Southport Offshore Rescue Trust said: “Our quads were tasked by HM Coastguard Holyhead to reports of a despondent male in a vehicle initially reported to be in the vicinity of Southport Beach.

“Our quads located a vehicle in difficulty north of Southport Pier and quickly ascertained that this was not the person of interest. The quads redeployed south, conducting a tideline and beach search towards Formby.

“Information was soon after received that the casualty had been located inland. As our quads returned to the station, they were re-tasked to assist the vehicle in difficulty which was stuck in the mud and at risk of becoming inundated by the tide. Ensuring no occupants remained in the vehicle, the quads attempted a recovery but with little time available, attempts failed and the vehicle succumbed to the tide.

“Our quads returned to the station, where the occupants were being taken care of by the crew.

“After washing down the equipment, our crew remained with the family before leaving the station at 03:30.

“Our thanks to all involved.”

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