Lancashire Care shortlisted for prestigious international award

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust has been shortlisted for a prestigious international award that recognises innovation and excellence success stories both regionally and globally.

The Trust has been shortlisted at the IACCM Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019 in the ‘Operational Improvement’ category. The shortlisting recognises work that the Trust undertook in engaging partners to help deliver a new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) across the Lancashire Integrated Care System. The HSCN is a new data network that allows health and care organisations to access and exchange electronic information, helping clinicians to deliver timelier care and a better patient experience.

The project has been shortlisted in recognition not only of the considerable savings it has created for the NHS and Lancashire Fire & Rescue (LFR), but also the improvements in network performance, speed and security. The project has improved connectivity across more than 300 NHS and LFR sites in Lancashire, as well as benefiting staff who work across different sites. The new network underpins the healthcare systems that doctors and nurses use, and will deliver important improvements in performance as well as securing against future malware and cyber-attacks.

Stephen McGarry, Head of Procurement and Commercial Finance at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“It is simply fabulous to see this HSCN procurement being shortlisted at the European IACCM Innovation and Excellence Awards. Along with the GO Public Procurement Award shortlisting, this now means two separate bodies have recognised this project for both the procurement process we undertook, but also the contract and commercial management processes which have been used with such success to improve the value and quality of services being delivered.

Although it is nice to see our hard work being recognised in this way, what is most satisfying and most important is that this new contract underpins improvements in the performance and security of our networks which will ultimately provide a stable and secure infrastructure for the healthcare systems and technology we use and will enable quicker, more streamlined exchange and interaction between healthcare providers, all of which will ultimately improve patient care and experience throughout Lancashire.”

Winners of the awards will be announced at the IACCM European Conference held in Madrid from the 13-15 May 2019. For more information, please visit

The annual awards are organised by the International Association of Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) which enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills. IACCM has over 55,000 members across 177 countries and 20386 corporations.

The ‘Operational Improvement’ category recognises initiatives that have delivered significant business value through an improved commercial or contracting process or practices.