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The company was formed in 1980 and currently employs 6 staff. Our commitment to high quality installations together with only the finest materials and products has established us as one of the premier businesses for our trade in the North West of England.

We believe in a no-nonsense approach and will not blind our clients with science. To understand our customers needs – we first listen to their requirements, rather than send a talkative salesman.

All our representatives are experienced professionals and will offer suitable solutions to meet any query, even if this means an inexpensive alternative to our client’s initial thoughts.

Whilst we are happy to supply for the DIY enthusiast, we would always recommend that you take advantage of our free site survey. Problems can then be solved by the trained eye and guidance given.

Here are some of the standards we use to ensure that any ‘Lancashire Bathroom’ is safe, efficient and enjoyable.

General Design:

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. But you can make the space look bigger with clever use of colour and lines.

• For example, a bright-coloured bath or toilet (like black or fire-engine red) next to white walls will have more visual weight and could overpower a small room. Exposed shelving, conversely, has less weight and makes the space seem bigger.

• Keep vertical lines to a minimum; they add height to a room. Horizontal lines (vanity tops, cabinets and mouldings) visually expand the space.

• Light walls and floor make a room seem larger. Also, patterns made up of small elements give the impression of being farther away.

• Mirrors add length, depth and width. Consider an entire mirrored wall to double the size of the bathroom. Skylights, windows and glass block walls also add space.


• You need at least 21″ of clearance in front of a lavatory. There should be a minimum of 15″ from a lavatory centreline to any side wall and a minimum of 30″ between two lavatory bowls.

• There should be at least 15″ of clearance from the centre of a toilet or bidet to any obstruction on either side. Also, plan at least 21″ of walkway in front of a toilet or bidet.

• Baths and showers need at least 21″ of clearance in front of them.


• Make sure no door interferes with a fixture.


• No switches/ outlets should be within 60″ of any water source. Use moisture-proof light fixtures above the bath or shower.


• Be it ceramic tile, resilient vinyl or anything else, the bathroom floor must be made of slip-resistant material.


• Provide enough counter and shelf space around the lavatory for toiletries, shampoo, etc., as well as towel hanging space.

• For those of you entering the world of bidets, soap and towels should be within easy reach of a person seated on the bidet.

Toilet paper holder:

• The ideal place for a paper holder is slightly in front of the toilet bowl edge, 26″ up from the finished floor.

Baths and Showers:

• If you’re planning to install a bath in a platform, there should be no more than one step leading to it. That step needs to be at least 10″ deep and no more than 7 1/4″ high.

• You should be able to reach the taps from outside the bath without any undue gymnastics.

• Install at least one grab bar to make getting into the bath or shower safe and easy.

• The usable interior of a shower should measure at least 32″x32″, and anything bigger than that would be great for everyone.

• Install a bench or footrest within the shower enclosure. This becomes especially useful for washing and shaving legs.

• The shower door should swing out of the shower into the bathroom. That way, if a mishap occurs in the shower, people outside can get in to help the bather.

• Protect you and yours from sudden shifts in water temperature with a pressure-balance shower valve, temperature regulator or temperature-limiting device.


• Steam is a major concern in the bathroom. If you just let it collect, it will encourage the growth of mould and mildew. If you have wallpaper glued to the wall, forget it; un-vented steam will strip it off in a hurry. Odours are an issue also. So you need a mechanical ventilation system. Minimum requirement is one fan, but you might consider having two: one over the toilet and one over the shower/bath.

Disabled ?

If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to get into or out of a bath then if you have your bath taken out and replaced with a shower you can qualify to be 0% VAT Rated on your bathroom refurbishment.

All you need to do is go and see your Doctor and obtain a letter from him/her stating your medical condition and his written opinion that you would benefit by having a shower instead of a bath in your bathroom and you will be 0% Rated for having a bathroom refurbishment, this applies to the whole job not just to having a bath replaced with a shower.

The Sky’s the limit for LANCASHIRE Bathrooms.

In the middle of last year a lady and gentleman arrived at in the shop asking about different types of bathroom fittings and bathroom suites. Did we at LANCASHIRE Bathrooms have a design service? – the answer was yes; do you have a drawing or sketch of the room to be refurbished? – yes was the reply.

They in fact had a set of plans drawn up by an architect with them, oh by the way, these bathrooms are to be fitted in a house being built by ourselves and shown across Europe on Sky television’s Discovery Channel, the program to be a 16 part series called ‘These Four Walls’. The program is based upon people who have decided to build or oversee the construction of their own homes from planning to completion, using the skills of the local contractor or specialist.

After discussion with Mr. & Mrs. Thompson it was agreed that David Stansfield the owner of LANCASHIRE Bathrooms would go to the site in Parbold to see the work on the shell of the house to discuss Mr. and Mrs. Thompson’s requirements and ideas. Planning the bathrooms ( 3 in total) was carried out back at the shop on the computer, with discussion and ideas from both David and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson being discussed on several visits to the shop and site.

The bathroom suites were chosen from the vast range available from SOTTINI BATHROOM and the shower cubicle from the German company HUPPE. Finally , the designs were agreed and the bathroom suite and tiles picked. The main theme being the emphasis on shape and style, curves complimenting curves, not falling into the trap of combining square shower cubicles with corner baths etc.

After further discussion it was felt best that instead of Lancashire Bathrooms just supplying the bathroom suites, that the actual fitting of the bathrooms would be left to one of several skilled fitting teams employed by LANCASHIRE bathrooms. The fitting and tiling of the bathrooms was carried out by Bernard Swarbrick, David and Neville Stansfield, Father and son, David being the owner of Lancashire Bathrooms. The work was filmed at several stages during the fitting of the bathrooms and the program series is now having its third showing.
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