STAFF at the former Merseyside Police Authority have been offered voluntary redundancy by new Police Commissar Jane Kennedy. She is also looking for a new head of office and new buildings. Ms Kennedy’s new set-up will replace the Police Authority’s 24 staff in city centre offices in Mercury Court.

Commissioner Kennedy said: “I don’t need an expensive city centre office and I have asked staff to conduct a search of available property including within police stations.”

Ms Kennedy, who will now be paid £85,000 per year, £20,000 more than ordinary MPs get, was the first MP to quit the House of Commons over the Expenses rule changes. The Daily Telegraph reported it:

[quote=Daily Telegraph]”The Labour MP, Jane Kennedy, has become the first to announce that she will stand down at the next election over reforms to the House of Commons which would see her banned from employing her partner Peter Dowling.

Miss Kennedy, a former minister and critic of Gordon Brown who represents the marginal seat of Liverpool Wavertree, said that was not “able or willing” to abide by the changes which would come about in the House of Commons as a result of the MPs’ expenses scandal.”[/quote]

Ms Kennedy is free to use public money to employ whoever she wishes, as Deputy Commissioner and as her Head of Office/Chief Executive, which has given rise to speculation as to who she will choose to employ.

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