Labour’s GAIN eases residents’ pain in Norwood

12th February 2018

A young High Park couple are the latest residents to benefit from a Southport Labour project in Norwood Ward.

Labour’s Group Action In Norwood (GAIN) scheme sees members from its Norwood branch responding to residents who need help. 

This time it was young couple Danny and Sammi in Russell Road. The two 24-year-olds have had their hands full recently with a new addition to their family, their second child, but also had a mountain of unwanted furniture and other items that they were unable to dispose of. 

The jumble was put on their drive to create space in the house but they then couldn’t get rid of it, having no vehicle to carry it and being unable to arrange collection after discovering they couldn’t afford the cost.

Poor weather then turned the pile into an even more unsightly problem for them and their neighbours, as Danny explained:

“We were at a bit of a loss what to do to be honest, as we weren’t able to sort it out. It was there far longer than we’d have liked and I’m sure the neighbours weren’t too chuffed but then the local Labour team asked if we needed a hand and within a few days they’d got it sorted. We didn’t even hear the guys who came to collect it, we just opened the door to find our driveway was clear again.”

Labour’s prospective candidate for Norwood in May, Mhairi Doyle MBE, said they were “delighted” to be able to help Danny and Sammi:

“They are a lovely young couple with a lot on their plate at present so we were delighted to give them a hand. The Labour GAIN scheme aims to give what assistance it can to local residents in the ward.” 

“Our councillors Bill and Marianne Welsh work non-stop sorting issues for local residents but this is something our members themselves do to try to contribute towards improving the area for residents as well.” 

“We did this with the help of Sefton Council and their Bulky Items Collection Team but with the costs met by Labour and this Wednesday will see a couple of skips being delivered from us to Canning Road and Russell Road for other local residents to dump their unwanted stuff too.”   

For Sammi, it’s great to get their garden path back and a weight lifted off their shoulders:

“It was a real pain to be honest and it was a lovely surprise to open that door and find it all gone. It’s made a big difference not having to walk past that pile of stuff every day worrying about how on earth we were going to shift it and watching it get worse day after day. We are really made up with the help we received from the Labour GAIN team.”