Labour in Southport Not Alone in Vote Going Backwards

9th May 2018
Labour in Southport Not Alone in Vote Going Backwards

The Labour Party’s falling back from second to third place in Southport is far from unique under Jeremy Corbyn, national figures produced by expert professors Thrasher and Rawlings have revealed.
Labour’s vote share in Southport in last Thursday’s election was lower than that of Labour nationwide under Mr Corbyn despite them winning two council seats in the town for the first time. Mr Corbyn’s record in local government is itself the poorest of any Labour leader in recorded history – poorer than Foot, Miliband, Smith, Callaghan, Kinnock or Blair.
Labour’s losing control of councils in Peterborough, Redditch, Basildon, Barnet and Nuneaton despite the most weak and divided Conservative Party in UK history resulted in them only gaining a net 77 seats nationwide – essentially the same as the Liberal Democrats who gained 75.
No independent political observers gives any credence to the possibility of a majority Labour government based upon this month’s performance. The BBC’s analysis, however suggests that Southport may well return a Lib Dem MP at the next General Election.