Cllrs Sue McGuire & Bill Welsh have campaigned against development on greenbelt at Moss Lane.

At Thursday’s Council Meeting Lib Dem councillors spoke against the adoption of the Local Plan which is set to allow the building of a large number of houses on the Green Belt.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Sefton Council, Cllr Sue McGuire said “Building on the Green Belt in Southport will lead to the creation of isolated islands of houses with no infrastructure, no local services and no community.”

Norwood ward Lib Dem Councillor Bill Welsh challenged the proposal to build 450 house at a site in Moss Lane.  He pointed out that the Inspector’s report on the Local Plan was ambiguous concerning the estimation of the growth of Sefton’s population and therefore did not justify the very large number of new homes proposed.

Councillor Welsh said “I was shocked that the Inspector believes that the Moss Lane site does not have high landscape quality.  I think the figure for population increase given in the Plan calls into question the need to damage the Green Belt in this way.”

More injustice against our green spaces.

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