Labour MEPs vote to increase animal welfare by limiting animal transport journeys

Labour Euro MPs have voted in the European Parliament to recommend an 8 hour limit on journey times for live animals being transported for slaughter. (PHOTO AVAILABLE)

Local Labour Euro MP, Arlene McCarthy said: “We are committed to improving animal welfare practices across Europe. Subjecting animals to days of transportation, in overcrowded vehicles with no breaks for rest, food or water is not acceptable.”

“Animals should not be transported for more than 8 hours and I hope that this recommendation from the European Parliament will put pressure on the European Commission to bring forward proposals to amend the law and reduce the limits.”

Labour’s support for limiting journey times is backed by the latest scientific evidence from the European Food Security Authority, and has also been welcomed by animal welfare charities.

Arlene added:  “Constituents writing to me to express concerns about animal welfare is the largest section of my postbag.  People want transport times to be limited, and the ‘8 hours’ campaign has collected the signatures of over 1.1 million people from across the EU which proves that.”

“This is people power at work again and I’m delighted that the European Parliament has listened to its citizens by recommending limiting journey times for animals to 8 hours.”

“It’s a shame that North West Conservative Euro MPs Jackie Foster and Sir Robert Aitkin’s didn’t share our concerns and voted against limiting journey times to 8 hours.”

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