Labour Leader of Sefton Council slams Southport Libdems

23rd September 2017
Council Leader attacks critics for "hypocrisy" in Red Tarmac Rows southport
Ian Maher

Labour Leader of Sefton Council slams Southport Libdems

Following on from the Full Council meeting in Bootle held last night Cllr Maher (Labour

Leader of Sefton Council) has issued a press statement as below.

Cllr Maher, Labour Leader Ian Maher said: “Sefton’s Liberal Democrats once again this week shamed themselves at last night’s Council Meeting.

After the awful treatment of Southport residents at Southport’s area committee meeting the night before, they continue to show that they have no idea when it comes to supporting either Southport residents at area committee or, at full Council, Sefton’s hard working employees, by their pathetic attempt to turn a genuine request to Government to fund a 5% pay increase for our staff, who have had to endure real term cuts in pay year on year imposed on them by both the coalition and Tory Governments since 2010, into a weird claim that somehow this resolution was all about an increase in Labour councillor’s allowances. To play childish political games with this issue is a disgrace.

It seems to me that, rather than spending their time desperately searching for ways of falsely blaming Sefton’s Labour councillors for all the ills of the world, they really should be looking closer to home and doing something about the appalling way they treated local residents at the Southport area committee on Wednesday.

The sooner the good people of Southport get rid of these awful Libdems the better.”