Labour councillors clean up in Formby

5th July 2021

Labour councillors responded to residents’ concerns about a litter-strewn path by requesting Sefton Council attend to clear up – and have returned since to ensure it stays clear of debris.

Cllr Killen said after 11 years of cuts to council services by the Conservative government the council’s cleansing services were cut to the bone.

She asked cleansing teams to give the path between Formby Fields on the Redgate estate and Altcar Road some attention, but said soon after it was cleaned up it was litter-strewn again, so the councillors themselves turned up to attend to it.

Cllr Catie Page said: “During our chats with residents before the recent election, we kept hearing that this path was a magnet for litter. We asked the council to clear it up which they did very quickly but it soon became messy again.”

Cllr Killen said: “Thanks to Tory cuts we have to get stuck in on the ground to make up for the loss of staff from council services, which we are happy to do to keep our community clean. If there are any other areas needing attention please let us know.”